Succinct Company Vision

Succinct is a promotion company. We are highly skilled at generating consumer awareness, creating a need from consumers to purchase your products. We focus on targeting consumers where they gather, stores, concerts, fairs, movies, restaurants, dealerships, military base promotions and demo’s, stadiums, sports arenas, rodeos, race tracks and parades. We travel cross country to make sure your Brand is seen, recognized and has a human side, all this care is provided by Succinct to make your company successful.


Succinct believes integrity in the business of marketing and promotions is what sets us apart from other companies. We are in the business of becoming a nationally recognized client and customer friendly focused promotions agency. We emphasize integrity and follow through.

We are focused on providing outstanding, educated and talented individuals and teams who understand the significance of brand and image-building campaigns and initiatives. We work directly with companies and corporations, as well as their advertising, marketing, communications and public relations agencies. We are considered an extension of the companies’ staff.

We never promote ourselves. Instead, we rely on the successes of our campaigns deliver to our clients and hope that our results provide reasons for our clients to brag about their positive experiences with our organization.

Business Philosophy

We want you to achieve your sales, customer counts and conversions, attendance, or donation goals through the efficient use of appropriate site-based attention getters and promotions. We help you achieve these goals by:

-Providing customized programs, developed in collaboration with your goals and budget.

-Coordinating design, production, delivery and installation/takedown of all program elements.

-Communicating regularly with you to ensure seamless execution and immediate attention to any problems.

-Program de-briefs to assess and analyze results. As your partner we want to drive results while focusing on continued improvement.

Why Choose Us

Microsoft, Costco, Walmart, AT & T, Grand openings of Office Depot and Whole foods markets.

Windows 8, Blackberry phones, Organic food products, Bedding, Clothing and Coffee machines.

Provided customs characters, promoted Kellogg’s cereal and Post cereal. Gorilla marketing, tail gate parties, surveys, samples of products give away and Roadshows: travel throughout the State.

Our company activities have a variety of aims:

To inform current and potential customers about the existence of products

To explain the potential benefits of using the product

To persuade customers to buy the product

To help differentiate a product from the competition

To develop and sustain a brand

To reassure customers that they have made the right choice

Experience, skills, and strengths of our staff:

8 years of promotional marketing, Roadshow management, Brand Ambassador management and Marketing lead generations.

5 years of Brand Marketing, Team Leader and Manager

8 years Brand Marketing, Team Leader and Marketing

20 experienced professional brand ambassadors waiting to serve all of your needs with a smile.

Succinct Volleyball Lessons and Clinics

We have an Athletic strength which gives our company an edge to teach and have Volleyball Clinics.

Executive Summary

Succinct is an organization focused on helping youth boys and girls ages 4 years to 16 years becoming more competitive volleyball players. We focus on self-esteem, strategies to play volleyball, strengths of all players and the underlying values they need to be successful. Succinct will increase our member’s ability to be more competitive and build self-esteem to advance them.


Increase more members’ boys/girls ages 4 years to 16 years into the world of Volleyball.

Bring knowledge about Volleyball, strengthen players’ skills and abilities and make aware of Volleyball scholarships at the collegiate level.

Build a Volleyball Club from our membership.

Improve membership and knowledge about Volleyball and the competitive nature of sports.

Build community partnerships to extend and expand all members of the company.


Succinct is built on the assumption that all youth are able to learn any sport activities with knowledge, practice, build self-esteem and encouragement. We give our members the assurance that we will be there when they need us.

Keys to Success

We offer and delivering service and competitive volleyball support for our members and families.

Increase membership, community partnership and knowledge about our system to our State of Washington.

Learning that dedication, hard work, and self-responsibility are the keys to success not only on the court, but also in the game of life.

So our approach is to teach concepts of the game to very young players, movement, space and depth and most importantly coordination.

Trust among team members, hold one another accountable and focus on achieving results.

Company Summary

Students attending must display foundations of Succinct Volleyball, inclusiveness, interactive, intensity and integrity. We want to ensure that each of our participants gain an understanding of the sport but work hard to improve their ability to move, catch, throw and play.

Company Ownership

Pam Bracy
10 years Head Coach Seattle Public Schools

2 years Club Volleyball Coach

2 years Volleyball referee

Terri Bracy

8 years Coach Seattle Public Schools

1 year Volleyball referee

Volunteer Coach Kent Commons Volleyball program

Competitive player Bellevue University,/i>

North Dakota College

Company Locations and Facilities

Succinct will rent facilities from Community centers and School gyms. 

Products and Services

We are really selling a building block for our members to grow as confident players of Volleyball. We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner for future growth to excel at any challenge.

Competitive Comparison

The only way we can hope to differentiate well is to define the vision of the company to be an information building, learning that dedication, hard work, and self- responsibility are the keys to success not only on the court but in the game of life. We need to offer a real life alliance to members, communities and families.

Market Analysis Summary

Succinct focuses on local communities with an open expansion opportunity to other regions of the State of Washington.


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