The Best Volleyball Experience for All Ages

The professionals at Succinct are always looking to help boys and girls alike improve their game. Our Seattle, Washington, organization strives constantly to impart our skill and knowledge to each individual we work with, including helping young people understand that scholarships and other opportunities may wait in the future if they work hard.

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Competitive Edge At a Fair Price

By participating in one of our sports camps or volleyball clubs, we help our athletes develop a competitive edge. We are currently looking to network with community organizations to further improve our coaching methods so we can continue to offer the best price for our premier coaching. Our fees will vary based on the program in which an individual is enrolled.

Our Coaching Sessions

Our five volleyball coaches plan to offer a range of classes, including week-long classes that are offered for eight hours a day. Our volleyball coaches are prepared to accommodate up to three daily sessions containing a maximum of 15 participants.

We also provide one-month and even two-month summer sessions in the form of comprehensive sports camps that we know you’ll love. Classes typically start at 10:00 a.m. and run until 6:00 p.m. For a small additional fee, we will happily start working with a child as early as 8:00 a.m.

What Athletes Need To Bring

Athletes of all ages need to bring no-slip shoes, volleyball knee pads, and safety goggles in order to participate. We recommend individuals wear sweats, shorts, and comfortable shirts that will not restrict movement. Our volleyball coaches also wholly recommend that individuals bring a water bottle, snacks, and their own lunch.

Become a Volunteer Coach

We currently employ five experienced coaches; however, we are also always seeking other interested individuals to volunteer. Volunteer coaches should be, at minimum, in the middle school age range, as we believe in cultivating coaching skills in all ages.

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The Physical Health Benefits/The Social Benefits

Mr. Bracy states our organization starts with boys and girls from age 4 to 16.

Playing volleyball socially benefits you because of your interaction with others during the game. The Mental Benefits Playing volleyball strengthens your mind. It gives you a positive energy.It challenges you to be able to read your opponent.

Play Volleyball!! Not only is volleyball beneficial for your body, it is also really fun. Anybody can play and it’s a good way to exercise! You can build good sportsmanship and great friendships!

Marie Bracy CEO Terri Bracy CFO Succinct